Sunday, January 03, 2010

The People Sang Praises to God
(2 Chronicles 3:1-17; 5:1-14)

God blessed His servant King David in many ways but He chose David’s son, Solomon, to build the temple. In 2 Chronicles chapter 1 we learn of the beginnings of Solomon’s reign. Following his coronation, Solomon asked God to give him wisdom and knowledge to lead the nation of Israel. God was pleased that Solomon did not ask for wealth, honor, the death of his enemies, or long life. However, God blessed Solomon with those very things, as well as with wisdom and knowledge.

In 2 Chronicles chapters 2 through 3 we learn of the building of the temple. The wise king led the temple construction and dedication. He built the temple on Mount Moriah, where God had appeared to his father David. Solomon organized a tremendous task force of almost 160,000 workers. The temple was to be great for a great God, and the resources were abundant. The inside of the temple was decorated very lavishly with gold and fine wood. These precious things reminded the worshipers of the greatness of God.

In 2 Chronicles chapter 5 we read that when the construction was completed, Solomon brought into the temple the things his father had set apart for the Lord God. The work was then consecrated as the people praised God. They expressed a sense of unity and oneness. The people and the priests praised God with the playing of instruments. There were cymbals, harps and lyres (a kind of harp). Many priests played shofars--a ram's horn, blown like a trumpet. They also raised their voices together in praise to God. They sang, "He is good. His love endures forever." God was very pleased by their praise. He filled the temple with a cloud of His glory.

In 1 Peter chapter 2, the Apostle Peter described the followers of Christ as living stones, being built into a house of worship as we come to God. We are a royal priesthood; a holy nation! We, who once lived in darkness, have been brought into God’s wonderful light through His great mercy. All of this was done so that we, like Solomon, would sing God’s praises.