Sunday, November 22, 2009

David’s Efforts to Worship and Give Thanks
(1 Chronicles 13; 15:1-4, 11-12, 14-28; 16:1-43)

King David made two attempts to return the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. The first attempt failed because David did make sure that the ark was shown the proper respect required by God.

Later, in the second attempt, David made sure that everyone respected the ark and that all of God’s rules were followed. First, David prepared a place for the Ark. Next, he reminded the people of God’s laws regarding the ark. The tribe of Levi was chosen by God to carry the Ark and to be priests. God chose them because they were the only ones who stood with Moses against the people who worshipped the golden calf. The Levites were consecrated to God and assumed priestly responsibilities. It was their responsibility to maintain the holiness of the temple; therefore, they were the only ones qualified to carry the ark.

Next, David prepared and organized the people for worship. Note that congregational worship requires leadership and preparation. Our church leaders help us to worship God. Being a musician himself, David knew the value to expressing praise through music and poetry. Take a moment to think about those people in your congregation that contribute to your worship experiences. You may even want to send a note of thanks to them for playing an instrument, singing, or leading in congregational worship.

David made sure that offerings were given, that the peopled were blessed, and that they all participated in fellowship. These three things are important elements of worship. In Old Testament times, the worship leader stood and loudly proclaimed a blessing with outstretched hands. In the prayer, he asked for God’s blessing, protection, and mercy. As the name Yahweh was proclaimed, the people gained a strong sense of their belonging to God.

Take a few minutes to read the song of thanksgiving and praise that is given in 1 Chronicles 7-36. Thanksgiving is a natural response of worship. True worship focuses on God’s actions and recognizes His attributes. What causes you to praise God? What encourages you to give God thanks?


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