Saturday, May 19, 2012

SpaceX Will Try, Again, May 22

The Associated Press and ABC News have reported that the May 20 SpaceX ISS re-supply mission aborted on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, Florida.

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) was on schedule for a 4:55 AM ET launch to the International Space Station. But seconds before the countdown reached zero, with the ignition sequence already started, the Falcon 9 rocket's on-board computers issued an automatic shutdown order. An engine pressure problem is suspected.

SpaceX is one name on a small-but-growing list of private U.S. companies that hope to take over the job of regularly re-supplying the International Space Station for NASA. SpaceX will work to identify and correct the May 19 problems in time for the next ISS launch window on Tuesday, May 22. For more on SpaceX, visit their home page:


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